About Elixir Integrated Medical Centres

The Right Practice, For Best Practice

Elixir Integrated Medical & Women’s Health is a group of dedicated physicians providing holistic health solutions to our patients. We are doctors that are invested in reinventing healthcare delivery in the pursuit of exceptional patient care. We provide a variety of health services including gynecology, obstetrics, endocrinology, nutrition counselling, weight management, and more, and provide our patients with a central place for their medical needs.
Centrally located at Whitemud Drive and Calgary Trail, we strive to be highly accessible to our patients.

At Elixir Integrated Medical Centres:

Care is Collaborative Medicine

Specialists are coordinated, in-house and accessible

Care is Convenience

When a patient books and appointment and can easily connect

Care is the Experience

Of being welcomed, and being treated, hassle-free

We’re proud to work with exceptional general practitioners and specialist to provide all of our patient’s comprehensive care.

Join The Elixir Medical Team

Interested in working with Elixir Medical Centres? We’d love to have you join our professional team! We are currently offering Medical Office Assistant (MOA) and Physician opportunities.

Career Opportunities